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My Adventure Into Minis

I have been wanting to start a blog for awhile now, but was unsure how to start. Well, I finally decided to give it a try. This blog is going to be about my miniature adventures. I will begin by giving a little background on how I got into miniatures.

I have been interested in crafts since I was young. My main interests started out in needlework. I remember sitting watching TV with my mom while we knitted or crocheted together. Later I got into other crafts as well. One craft magazine I purchased had a plan for making a one-room schoolhouse. I was fascinated and made my own following the directions. Then an angry husband (now ex-) destroyed it during a argument.

For many years I would pick up miniatures pieces at yard sales or auctions and put them away in a box for "Someday". Well someday finally arrived when a customer called to have some items disposed of from her basement and mentioned one of them was a dollhouse. Joanne explained it was purchased at an auction by her daughter, who was going to complete it. However, her daughter already had 2 dollhouses and never got around to this one. They were very happy to give it to me rather than throw it away, and I was delighted to receive it.

That's how I got the Bayberry Cottage. When I brought it home, my teenage granddaughter, Amanda also fell in love with it. She wanted to help so I decided it will be hers. I am going to do most of the construction and finishing and she wants to do the furnishing.

NEXT POST: What we have done so far.


Kim said...

What a fun project for you and your grand-daughter--and great finds at the craft stores!! Welcome to blogging! have a great day!